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Returned To The Earth

Returned To The Earth is the name used by Robin Peachey for a musical project he started in 2014. In its earliest stages it was purely a studio project to record a group of songs for fun. These tracks, with the help of Paul Johnston from Rhythm Studios, his brother Steve Peachey and friend Craig Joy became the first album, Returned To The Earth. The album was written very quickly over the course of a couple of months and was released in 2016. Believing he could do better, Robin set about writing a new album, 'The Best Kept Secret'. To support the album several gigs and live radio slots were played including BBC Radio and Mello Festival alongside Hawkwind, The Alarm & Republica. Despite this extra activity the album still didn't achieve the breakthrough that was hoped for


It was a crossroads and the decision was taken to move towards a more Progressive, Atmospheric, Art Pop sound and not to worry about singles and radio play and just write albums as complete works. In December 2019, Erebus, the 3rd album was released. This was again recorded at Rhythm with Paul and Steve. Marion Fleetwood (Tradarrr) also joined to play violin, cello and viola to give a new dimension to the sound. The album was a clear step forward and had a mixture of organic and electronic sounds creating a melancholic but at times uplifting album. Upon its release signs looked good as Prog Critique in France gave it a very good 4/5 star review but after showing early promise the reviews dried up. Perhaps releasing the album in December was a mistake and just got missed by many of the reviewers who were concentrating on Best Of Year lists etc. A lesson learned. Don't release at the end of the year. Then we were hit by Covid and all hopes of any live support for the album vanished. 


The Covid pandemic was a dark time for all of us but the one good thing it brought to the table was time and a wealth of material to record the next album (and indeed album 5 as well). By the time album 4 recording started, Steve had become less involved and so Robin teamed up again with Paul to record Fall Of The Watcher. The album was a much more personal affair than previous releases and was mastered by Steve Kitch (The Pineapple Thief). It was released in April 2022 and became the breakthrough album that RTTE had been waiting for. Great reviews followed in Prog Magazine, The Prog Report, Prog Critique & The Progressive Aspect. The album was listed in many end of year awards and Best Of lists. The highlight of the year then came when the well respected progressive label Giant Electric Pea made contact, and in late 2022, Returned To The Earth signed to the label. Fall Of The Watcher was then re-released by GEP on CD in January 2023. More good press followed with a great review and interview in Eclipsed Magazine in Germany.  To top it all off a vinyl edition of Fall Of The Watcher is now in production and awaiting a release date from GEP.

Robin and Paul are currently back in the studio recording the 5th Returned To The Earth album.


Returned To The Earth have been :-


Robin Peachey - Vocals, Guitar, Synths, Piano

Paul Johnston - Drums, Guitar & Synths

Steve Peachey - Synths

Additional :-

Marion Fleetwood - Violin, Viola & Cello

Craig Joy - Guitar

Additional for Live :-

Tom Crockett - Guitar

Noel Johnson - Bass

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